1969: Man is the Preya personal investigation into the methods and motives of man-eaters and man-killers. (Andrew Deutsch, London, 1969; Panther Books, London, 1969; Stein and Day, New York, 1969; Pocket Books, New York 1970)

1970: Bottero’s African Wildlife Gallery. (Wildlife Feature Corp, Johannesburg) a catalogue, with comments, of Giuseppe Bottero’s extraordinary collection of wildlife oil paintings.
1972: Focus on Fauna. (Keartland Press, Johannesburg) A look at the wildlife of South Africa with photographs by John Pitts.

1974: Our Fragile Land – South Africa’s Environmental Crisis. (Macmillan, Johannesburg) A review of the global and national state of the environment.

1975: The Bushman. (The Museum of Man and Science, Johannesburg) The physical and cultural evolution of the San people.

1976: The Environmental Crisis - with PW Wheeler. (The Star, Johannesburg) An illustrated guide to global environmental challenges.

1983: Mountain Odyssey. – with David Coulson. (Macmillan, Johannesburg) The history, biology and geology of the mountain ranges of Southern Africa.

1984: Roof of Africa. (Holt, Rinehart & Winston, New York) – with David Coulson. US version of Mountain Odysey.

1987: Survival Guide to the Outdoors. (Earthlink, Johannesburg) A textbook on survival in the African bush.

1987: Like it Was. (Argus, Johannesburg) A history of Johannesburg to mark the city’s centenary. This was the city’s story as seen, decade by decade with cuttings and commentary, by The Star which had moved to Johannesburg (“The Camp”) six months after the goldfields were proclaimed.

1988: The Bedside Star (Argus, Johannesburg) An anthology of “relaxed reading” from The Star.

1989: Back to Bed (Struik, Cape Town) More “relaxed reading” from The Star.

1990: Bedtime Again (Argus, Johannesburg) Even more relaxed reading.

1990: Sabi Sabi. (Struik, Cape Town, 1990) A history of the Sabi Sand, the block of private game reserves bordering southern Kruger Park.

1991: Back to Earth (Southern, Johannesburg) South Africa’s Environmental Challenges.

1995: The Yellow Six (Penguin, Johannesburg, 1995; Brewin, Birmingham, 2006) – the humorous half-true story of how half-a-dozen Boy Scouts, led by their self-important leader, the author, helped win World War 2.

1996: The Search for the Great South African Limerick. (Penguin, Johannesburg, 1996) A collection of Limericks lampooning the towns and cities of South Africa resulting from a competition launched in The Star.

1997: S*x for the Extremely Shy. (Penguin, Johannesburg) A send-up of women’s magazines sex advice columns – plus some collected humour columns by the author.

1999: Enclosed Please Find. (Wild Dog Press, Johannesburg) Collected humour columns by the author.

1999: An Extraordinary 20th Century. (Independent Newspapers, Johannesburg) The story of Johannesburg and South Africa told with cuttings and commentary – from the Boer War through the apartheid era to the dawn of the “new South Africa”.

2002: Coming Back to Earth. (Jacana, Johannesburg) A comprehensive review of the state of the South African environment.

2003: Laugh, the Beloved Country. With Harvey Tyson (Double Storey, Cape Town) An anthology of South African humour dating back to the 18th century.

2005: Great South African Limericks. (Zytek, Johannesburg) A collection of South Africa limericks lampooning South African places – including the newly re-named places.

2005: The Funny Side of Golf. (Zytek, Johannesburg) A spoof history of the evolution of golf including golfing jokes.

2005: Clarke on Your Stoep. (Zytek, Johannesburg) A collection of Stoep Talk columns.

2007: Blazing Saddles – The True Story of the Tours de Farce. (Jonathan Ball, Cape Town) The totally irreverent story of how five retired newspapermen and a confused photographer – average age 70 – decide to explore “Darkest Europe” on bicycles – although none had ridden a bike since childhood.

2011: Blazing Bicycle Saddles (eBook) - The ebook version of Blazing Saddles.

2012: Save Me From the Lion’s Mouth - A personal investigation into the human vs wildlife conflict in Africa. 2nd edition 2014

2014: Recalculating ... - the lighter side of travel (eBook).

2017: M for Miscellaneous -
The author’s secretary, Threnody Higginbottom, files everything under “M” for miscellaneous.  This book reveals their dysfunctional relationship - plus some stories about wild animals, James Bond, sport, health and other things you’ll not believe. 

2017: Overkill
- T
he history and extent of human impact on the world’s wildlife, good and bad, and in particular the status of wildlife in Africa.

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