Apart from my annual cycle rides in Europe (leading, in a manner of speaking, what has become known as the Tours de Farce) I also write quite grown up stuff about my travels in all five continents.

These are published in Europe, Africa and Australia. 

Here are some examples...

Visiting the Neighbours

Exploring the Thames

Cycling for Cheats

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James Clarke

The title of his latest e-book , Recalculating, suggested itself to Clarke when he read that in the UK “half the travellers who use geographical positioning systems (GPS) in their cars, end up in a field” and that it led one fellow to deliver a jumping castle to an old age home”.
But there are lots of detours. He tells how he summited Everest; how he deals with foreign languages and he recounts some of his true but misdirected adventures in the wilds of Africa.
In Recalculating Clarke looks at life aboard an Italian holiday cruiser where “there’s none of this ‘women and children first’ nonsense”. He also looks at the humorous side of air travel.

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James Clarke - Recalculating